Terms of sale

The following General Terms of Sale (GTS) regulate the offer and sale of products on www.omadadesign.com.
The SITE belongs to Adamo srl, with legal seat in Castelfidardo, SS 16 km 315,200 – 60022, Ancona, Italy, tax Code and VAT Nr. 00930120423, AN Register of Companies nr. 00930120423, Economic and Administrative Business Register AN n. 98952, also owner of the domain name of the SITE.
Any communication or request of information can be sent by writing to the abovementioned address or by e-mail to adamosrl@gmail.com.

1. Purchase Orders
The possibility to make purchase orders on the SITE is reserved only to majors (having the legal capacity to act) and having accomplished the required registration procedures.
According to the Decree Law 9 April 2003, n. 70 setting dispositions about the electronic commerce, the user who wants to buy products shall express this will by a request through the SITE where, following the procedures here explained, will send his/her own purchase order and the relevant payment.
Once the purchase order is issued by the user, Adamo srl will send him/her an e-mail, to the specified e-mail address confirming the order.
Once the purchase order is confirmed, the buyer can verify its details in any moment by accessing through his/her own account.

2. Prices, rates and shipping expenses
The prices of products are those really displayed on the SITE at the order issue by the user and they are expressed in Euros (€). The prices of products on the SITE, if not otherwise specified, include VAT.
The shipping expenses and any other possible additional cost, including VAT and expressed in Euros (€), shall be duly highlighted and separately specified in the order form before the user goes on with the order confirmation.
Adamo srl reserves the right to modify its prices in any moment, but products will be invoiced on the basis of the rates in force at the order storage.
Products will remain of Adamo srl propriety up to the payment executed by the user of the purchase price, shipping expenses and any other possible additional cost.

3. Product conformity and Returns
Descriptions of products and images on the SITE correspond to what Adamo srl proposes.
Adamo srl commits itself to accomplish all efforts to correct as soon as possible errors and omissions that could verify in the product description.
In case of non conformity of the product or service delivered, the user can ask for its replacement by sending an e-mail to shop@omadadesign.com, which he/she has to attach images documenting the non conformity to.
The user can ask for:

  • the delivery of a product or service identical to that ordered in line with the stock availability;
  • the delivery of a product or service having an equivalent quality and price in line with the stock availability;
  • the refund of the ordered product or service price within ten days from the goods reception.

The shipping expenses for the return, as well as those for the possible delivery of a new product, are in charge of Adamo srl, after its authorization that reserves the right to choose the most appropriate carrier.
All objects will be returned in their original packaging and in the conditions they were at the delivery. A carrier will contact the buyer to arrange the undesired product withdrawal.

4. Product and service Availability
Products offered on the SITE are in limited quantities. It can occur, event due to the possibility that several users buy the same product at the same time, that the ordered product is no longer available after the purchase order sending.
In case of unavailability, being total or partial, of the product or service at the order reception, the user will be informed by an e-mail proposing:

  • the delivery of a partial order, with refund of the missing product;
  • replacement of the missing product with another having similar or higher characteristics;
  • order cancellation with total refund.

Should the user choose the refund solution, Adamo srl will repay him/her within 15 days from the request. The refunded amount will be equal to the paid amount, including shipping expenses.
Possible delays in crediting can depend on the bank institute, the type of credit card or on the payment solution the user chooses.
In case of impossibility to credit the amount on the credit card or the payment solution chosen by the customer, the refund will be executed by bank transfer, after communication of the bank coordinates and BIC code by the user.
None of the parties will be responsible for the order failure in case of force majeure, i.e. strike, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war, problems affecting the suppliers, the transportation and production, measures adopted by the public authorities and the likes.
In the abovementioned cases, both parties have right to a reasonable additional delay to accomplish their own obligations. However, if the circumstances last more than 60 days, the buyer can cancel the order by a written communication to the supplier.

5. Product Delivery
Deliveries are executed in the territories on the site www.omadadesign.com, under Cart section.
Indicative delays of delivery of each product will be separately specified during the purchase procedure and before its completion. They will be specified in the SHIPPING section of the SITE.
The delivery of the purchased products can be executed, according to the user’s choice:

  • at the postal address specified by the user as residence;
  • at the alternative postal address, required in the order form.

6. Shipment
Shipment is executed when all purchased objects are available.
Expenses, in charge of the buyer, are automatically calculated by our e-commerce system according to the destination and weight of goods.
At the product delivery to the carrier, the user will receive an e-mail confirming the shipment where the tracking number is provided to verify the state of the shipment.
Each delivery is considered as completed when the carrier puts products at the buyer’s disposal, according to what comes out from the system used by the transporter to track shipments.

7. Payment
The purchase balance is executed by PayPal, credit card, prepaid card or bank transfer in advance; in this last case, the bank coordinates shall be communicated by e-mail at the order confirmation. The accepted cards are those belonging to Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, American Express circuits. Data on the credit card are directly put in the pages of Adamo srl’ bank partner and are sent to the bank servers in an encrypted format according to the SSL standard (Secure Socket Layer) at 128 bits, one of the most advanced and effective protection systems being currently available.
For a greater security, only the bank partner can access data of the card used for payment, while Adamo srl has no possibility to know or store those data. Each user ensures to be qualified to use the credit card or the PayPal account to pay the Order and that those means of payment allow the access to sufficient funds to cover all costs related to the purchase of products through the SITE.

8. Personal Data Protection
Adamo srl guarantees to the user that personal data acquired for the product sale will always be processes in a legal way, in total compliance with the Decree Law 30 June 2003, n. 196. For information about the personal data processing, please read the “Privacy” section and the information about the data processing provided by Adamo srl, according to art. 13 of the Decree Law 196/2003, to the user at his/her registration to the SITE.
The user ensures personal information provided during the registration procedure is complete and true. The user accepts to hold Adamo srl harmless from any compensation obligation and/or penalty deriving from and/or in any moment linked to the break by the user of rules about registration to the Site.

9. Effectiveness and modification of the GTS
These GTS apply to all sales executed on the SITE and can be modified at any moment.
Possible modifications and/or new terms will be in force at their publication in “Terms of Sale” section of the SITE.
The applicable GTS are those in force at the date the purchase order is sent.
These GTS do not regulate the sale of products and/or the supply of services by subjects other than Adamo srl being on the SITE through links, banners or other hyperlinks. Adamo srl is neither responsible for the contents of these sites nor for possible errors and/or omissions and/or breaches of laws by them.