Wine bottle cooler Happy Drink 1,45 lt

Wine bottle cooler Happy Drink 1,45 lt


Thermal bottle holder, durable acrylic and transparent, with a colored background.


Perfect for keeping bottles cool even on the table and out of the fridge.

The bottle holder line Happy Drink has been designed and built to allow you to keep your drinks cool, even on the dining table or out in the garden, especially during the hottest days, without the aid of ice. The article, made ​​of acrylic robust, has a cavity that creates a real air chamber, which is useful to keep the temperature low longer. The presence of a double container is also important to isolate the contents of the bottle from the outside, because it allows to not create that unpleasant patina due to moisture and wet which could spoil the tablecloth. The transparency of the material ensures that you can see at any time, even from the outside, what is the content of the article, without having to remove the bottle, while the colored background gives a crisp modern effect to the entire product.

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