Tea light holder Crystal for 3, candels includes

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Leads to tris of tea light candles universal, ideal to decorate with a light touch of the table.


There is nothing that can light up your home like a candle. Even better if the candles are three and are presented through one of our door tea light designed for you.

Omada has thought to create a service door tea light by three, achieved through the merger of three of a kind accommodation for candles, gathered in a unique and beautiful in September The three candles, already included in the price, they will be able to give a magical and disturbing to your rooms, thanks to the happy marriage between the brightness of the flames and the transparency of the eye-catching door tea light, made of transparent acrylic, inside colorful. Resistant, thanks to smart materials with which it is made, practical, due to the presence of a base drip, discreet and universal, it is ideal as decoration for the kitchen and throughout the home. The holders of three of the Crystal line will make all your guests happy, simply by bringing a touch of fun and romance on all boards.

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