Storage jar Trendy 50 cl


Acrylic jar with lid interlocking two-color, seal in freshness and capacity of 0,5 liters.


Shelves always in order and always fresh food thanks to the line of cans Trendy, designed and built for you by Omada.

Practical acrylic jar 0,5-liter, shock resistant and cheaper than the same item in stock glass bottom. The container is made ​​of transparent plastic, lets you know immediately what keeps inside but above all gives you a longer duration than food to keep them in their original boxes, since the cap until ‘opening of the can, thanks to the seal in freshness, insulates and protects the food from the outside. Also available in other smaller sizes, this jar lends itself to be easily coordinated with the other of the same line since it is easily stackable and allows, in this way, also saves valuable space inside your kitchen. Quietly washable in the dishwasher, this handy container will allow you to order your cabinets as never before.

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