Storage jar Ecoliving 75 cl, height 14 cm


Medium jar Ecoliving line, with a capacity of 75 cl, in bi-material, with double glazing and transparent cap interlocking.


Special shapes and fun colors are available to you thanks to this nice jar of Ecoliving line.

Jar of average capacity (75cl), with interlocking cap made ​​of an innovative material, the wpc derived from virgin wood flour (and not waste or previous work, so devoid of adhesives and coatings) accompanied by a seal in freshness perfect for isolating the elements from the outside. The interior, on the contrary made of polypropylene, is suitable for direct contact with food and, in this particular case, it lends itself to contain and preserve especially short pasta and legumes. The body of the jar was built in durable and shatter-proof acrylic, available in many different colors, with a double window that allows you to see the contents from the outside. This feature ensures that the jar can also be easily stacked without having to be opened to know what it contains, also allowing you to save valuable space. Completely dishwasher safe (top rack on the best), this piece is mainly characterized by the uniqueness of color and the refined finish of the lid due to the naturalness of the wood.

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