Small Tray size 21 x 12 cm

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Small tray in acrylic two-tone, without centering, sturdy and trendy.


Tray Crystal line, practical and essential, entirely Made in Italy and is ideal to accompany your drinks with taste on the table.

Small two-tone tray made ​​of acrylic high build capable of giving a clear crystal effect at the edges while the interior is in full color, available in different shades, so as to suit the tastes of every gourmet. The tray has no centering because it was not made ​​to be paired with special mugs or cups for serving, but everything that you think will best accompany your drinks, from cookies to cakes, from jam jars with lemon slices and the tea bags or tea. The small oval tray is discreet, clean lines and simple colors and linear, ideal to accompany in an orderly manner and your lovely moments we spent together. As for the other products of the Crystal even this tray, as well as having a young and attractive design, it is practical and sturdy, easily washable in the dishwasher without damaging or adverse effect of any kind, for which lends itself easily to being used everyday on your table.

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