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Salad bowl & colander set Trendy diameter 20,5 cm


Exclusive combo, consisting of 20 cm small bowl and colander combination, available in different colors.


Combination bowl and colander 20cm coordinated, functional and comfortable, ideal for saving space, time and money

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This set has been designed to allow you to get in a single moment everything you need for an essential service convenient and practical, able to quickly filter the water and keep all liquids. The two in one service, as well as provide you with a useful economic advantage, effectively allows you to save valuable space inside the cabinets of your kitchen, having been made to allow the two pieces fit together perfectly. The composition, colorful and fun, it can also represent a unique gift idea for friends and family: Given its high level of functionality but also to creativity and liveliness, the set will not be difficult to appreciate. The durable material it is made of the entire service also allows all of the components of this article to be easily washed in the dishwasher and to be stored in the refrigerator without difficulty.

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