Salt and pepper


Pair of salt and pepper shakers in acrylic colored and transparent.


Who says you can not bring to the table design? These line items Movida show that pure and simple lines, perfect for decorating your table with taste.

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Bright colors, smooth lines and modern functionality of use and impeccable are the main characteristics that make these pieces absolutely irreplaceable. The center of gravity shifted slightly to the entire article is perfect to give a distinctive look and an original profile and witty. The closing cap allows pressure to condiments, stored inside, to be served on the table without the risk of overturn or exceed in their use on various dishes. The lower part of the two small containers is available in different colors while the upper part, transparent, allows you to see the contents of the two containers from the outside, allowing you to immediately recognize and distinguish salt and pepper. Two pieces definitely essential that turn into small objects of design, able to decorate with style and fun to your table.

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