Salad servers Diamond 21,5 cm set of two

Salad servers Diamond 21,5 cm set of two


Crockery Omada, combined to salad bowl diameter 26 cm M5310, with the hole in the handle for convenient hanging.


Set the table in an original and serve your meals in comfort has never been easier than with our fun cutlery.

The practices dishes, made ​​through a special process of acrylic which allows them to get a unique crystal effect, is available in different colors for you to play with the tones of your kitchen and also with those expected pairing with the salad bowl M5310 , for which these cutlery have been realized. Spoon and fork, modern taste, linear and creative ideals to serve big plates of pasta or salad, with a strong Italian flavor. Dishwasher safe without effort, easily allow you to save space even inside your home thanks to the presence of holes at the end of the handles practical, useful hooks to hang the cutlery tray rack in the kitchen. These utensils have been designed specifically for those who love the comfort and convenience of simple materials and durable, without sacrificing style and sophistication.

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