Salad servers 26 cm Ecoliving

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Salad cutlery practical and durable acrylic colorful, coordinated with salad M4410.


Perfect for serving pasta or salad to all your guests, this cutlery also give a touch of light to your table.

Elegant and stylish but also practical and comfortable: they are the cutlery line Ecoliving. The durable acrylic with which they were made, available in four fun colors and crisp, it’s perfect for staying in contact with food and to be used daily without worry, since it is very thick and strong. The bright colors are perfect for getting married perfectly with the shades of color to your kitchen while the smooth flowing lines lend themselves specifically to be used in conjunction with the bowl M4410 line Ecoliving. Dishwasher and easily folded inside the cabinets of your kitchen, so as to allow you to save precious space, this cutlery were made primarily to avoid falling into the bowl during use, therefore, represent a very practical article and irreplaceable.

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