Salad bowl Trendy 3,5 litres, diameter 26 cm - OMADA

Salad bowl Trendy 3,5 litres, diameter 26 cm


Salad Bowl 26 cm diameter durable acrylic, two-tone with white interior, perfect for pasta salads and family size, its huge capacity of 3,2 l.


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Easily stackable, comfortable and stylish, with simple shapes and bright colors. And ‘this is our bowl, able to make your table a modern, fun and functional.

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The salad bowl is a must in Italian cuisine. With the bowl diameter 26 cm line of trendy, two-tone made of plastic, so as to emphasize cleanliness and hygiene of the white part of the container in contact with the food, you can serve several courses throughout practicality and refinement. The container of ‘large capacity of 3,2 liters is made with innovative materials and fully guarantee the security of your preparations, enhancing the presentation in the table due to the effect faded exterior and its pure lines. With the bowl from the kitchen and Trendy with its contemporary design, give lunches and dinners in the company carried out a witty, cheerful and lively. The simplicity and functionality of this Omada salad bowl also allows you to easily withstand frequent cleaning, even in the dishwasher and, as a result of the molding, interior scratches due to use will never be visible to the outside. Could easily be stacked, avoid space even to those who have so much space available.
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Weight470 g
Dimensions26 × 26 × 12.5 cm


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