Salad Bowl Trendy 1.5 litres, diameter 20,5 cm - OMADA

Salad Bowl Trendy 1.5 litres, diameter 20,5 cm


Salad Bowl of the line Trendy, diameter 20,5 cm, with a capacity of 1.5 liters, available in different colors for the exterior, with white interior.


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Joy and color on the table thanks to this nice and crisp salad bowl, brightly colored and foamy, able to enliven the atmosphere of every meal.

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The line Trendy, thanks to its particularly sinuous profile, you can transform the look of any flat, making it youthful and dynamic. The bowl of this line has been designed to be the ideal container for pasta and salads, and for the important capability that distinguishes, for both the unique characteristics of color and design. Available in different colors, the bowl is characterized by a particular gradient effect on the outside which makes it very interesting. The white interior, however, allows greater emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene of the bowl in direct contact with food. Also for this reason, as well as two-color format make this salad, Omada has chosen to produce it using two different materials for the interior and the exterior: the bi-material effect, it allows you to not make any visible scratches due to internal of salad bowl everyday use.
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Weight310 g
Dimensions20.5 × 20.5 × 9.5 cm


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