Salad bowl Diamond 1,6 litres, diameter 20 cm

Salad bowl Diamond 1,6 litres, diameter 20 cm


Salad Bowl 20 cm diameter acrylic worked with diamond effect, easily stackable and dishwasher safe.


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Salad classic cut and unique design, ideal if you want a functional product without neglecting the elegance and sophistication of your table.

Submit a salad has never been so easy: bowl about our Diamond, so named because of the machining diamond effect by which this product is manufactured. The smooth flowing lines of the materials allow this bowl to submit to the table the food while enhancing the appearance of the practical and durable materials it is made of, such as acrylic, allow it to be handy, functional and durable. Thanks to these qualities, our bowl can be easily stacked, thus avoiding unnecessary space in the kitchen, and also to be easily washed in the dishwasher, preferably on the top rack. Designed to be used to bring to the table pastas and salads, a bowl of Diamond line will give your kitchen a touch of design and personality, thanks to the wide range of colors that is able to offer.

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