Mixing bowl 3 litres antibacterial Microban®

Mixing bowl 3 litres antibacterial Microban®


Mixing bowl 3 liter polypropylene and microban, with drip spout.


White inside and colored outside, the 3 liter mixer has a cool design and functional. Can be used in the kitchen in a thousand different ways, thanks to the dedicated “spout” is perfect for achieving the slurries of cakes, creams, sauces that need then to be poured without soil. Easily stackable, allowing us to optimize the space on the shelves, while maintaining the characteristics of lightness and strength. Dishwasher safe, passing quietly from the freezer to the oven without damage or spoil foods.

Besides being beautiful and functional, however, the mixer line Sanaliving is also healthy! Microban technology present in the inner lining fights fact the proliferation of microbes and bacteria, providing an extra level of hygiene and reducing the risk of contamination, even between one wash and the other.

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