Ice bucket Happy Drink 1,6 lt

Ice bucket Happy Drink 1,6 lt


Basket from transparent acrylic ice, capacity 160 cl, with lid and clamp included.


Freshen up your drinks has never been so easy and fun, thanks to the nice ice bucket line Happy Drink.

Omada has created for all of its customers this handy ice bucket, complete with lid and tweezers, ideal to be used on all occasions. The bucket transparent, which allows you to see the content of the article from the outside, and the background color that brightens the look of the entire product, allow to transform the atmosphere of all the tables. The presence of a cavity between the part of the content in direct contact with the ice and the one that rests on the table instead allows to create a sort of air chamber, not useful for creating that annoying sheen of moisture capable of wetting the tablecloth, ruining the presentation of your dishes. The double container, moreover, allows to maintain the temperature of the ice low for a period of time longer, thereby improving the efficiency of the article.

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