Fridge box Igloo 2 litres, 9 cm height in acrylic


Container fridge box from 2 liters of capacity, made ​​of durable material such as acrylic.


Save time and space in the kitchen is possible, thanks to the freshness of the largest container line Igloo.

Practice tray is ideal for storing large quantities of food or large portions of your favorite recipes. The 2 liter capacity will allow, in fact, also to retain it in the refrigerator for a few days all your preparations. The transparent container allows you to see from the outside what is stored inside the container, making it easily stackable with other containers, allowing you to save space in the fridge that is on the shelves of your kitchen. The acrylic which is made of the whole article makes it sturdy and durable, perfect for use, and also carried out, as well as to be easily washed in the dishwasher without any worries. The colored lid with integrated seal, will give a touch of color to your kitchen and more to your table, making it completely original.

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