Fridge box Igloo 1,5 litres, 9 cm height in acrylic


Fridge box of 1.5 liter capacity, high build acrylic, ideal for the outdoors.


Resistance and practical materials combined with elegance and modernity of the lines: these are the pans line Igloo.

Omada has created for you this handy bowl 1.5l, perfect to allow you to safely store food, both at home and outside, since the practicality and durability of the material make it ideal to be used in the garden or during a nice pic-nic in the company. The transparent container and acrylic, makes it possible to see from the outside what keeps the pan without having to open it, and this makes it also convenient to be easily stacked with other containers. And ‘the colored lid with integrated seal, which allows the tank to be particularly safe and keep all the freshness and hygiene of foods, as completely and hermetically seals them from the outside. Suitable to withstand even at low temperatures, this pan can also be stored in the refrigerator and is perfect for saving space and time.

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