Dispenser coffee pod holder


Pod holder, available in different colors, with high storage capacity thanks to the double capsule compartment.


In your kitchen table, or your cabinets are full of capsules and sachets in a mess? What you need is the capsule holder of the Crystal line of Omada design.

Our pod holder has been designed precisely to try to bring order to all your capsules or mixtures for your coffee, tea and herbal teas. Made in Italy, available in various colors, and made with a very special design that represents its true distinctive, easily adapts to the style of any kitchen, making them neat and fashionable at the same time. With the unobtrusive but functional with loop handle, the capsule holder can be easily moved and because two separate compartments can also be used to keep waffles, sugar bags or disposable spoons. And ‘ideal for keeping handy all your mixtures and disposable products because it has a high capacity for containment capsules, which can be inserted from above in one of the two sections and conveniently taken from the bottom with an easy opening.

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