Dinner plate Square 23 cm in plastic


Plate, square (23cm x 23 cm) two-tone, shock resistant and thermal shock.


You can not sacrificing elegance even during a fun picnic outdoors? Then this is the course that is right for you.

Square (23 cm x 23 cm), colorful, geometric: these are the essential characteristics of the flat plate Square. Ideal for hot foods, especially main courses, this article was carried out with two different colors: white inside, it allows you to highlight the cleaning of the plate in contact with food and the colorful exterior makes it possible to give a touch of panache to the entire table. Created in thick acrylic plate is unbreakable, ideal to withstand the blows to perfection and frequent washing in the dishwasher. Perfect for outdoor dining transform into opportunities for socializing in comfort, without sacrificing the elegance and refinement. This is definitely the typical flat floor design object capable of surprising simplicity with all your guests, simply because of its appearance and its innovative shapes.

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