Colander Trendy diameter 26 cm


Colanders and salad spinner, 26 cm in diameter, colored, ergonomic and innovative design.


Drain the water has never been so easy, fast and fun, thanks to the colander line of trendy, unique and original-looking.

Thanks to the combination between this product and the bowl 26 cm, M1510, within which the colander fits perfectly, you can easily save your cooking water and reuse it for the first or whisk for perfect sauces and seasonings. Thanks to the special ergonomic grip, however, enlivened by a wide range of colors that Omada has designed for you, the big colander is ideal for filtering water from any type of rice, pasta, and even vegetables. The special and exclusive cuts the colander allow a rapid outflow of the cooking water and give the whole article a unique and irreplaceable. Conveniently dishwasher safe and easily stackable, this colander / downs vegetables avoids unpleasant waste of time and space, and also being suitable for the resistance at low temperatures allows even be stored in the refrigerator without any problems.

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