Bowl Trendy 28 cl diameter 12 cm


Small bowl, diameter 12 cm, ideal for sauces and accompaniments given its ability to 30cl. Bi-color and bi-material to make it practical and appealing.


Shock resistant and everyday use, our little bowl is what you need to bring every day a touch of color to your table.

Bowl 12 cm in diameter, ideal for serving sauces and condiments delicious, convenient to pay particular thanks to the contoured edge of the bowl that allow you to place the spoon of course, preventing it falling into the bowl. Omada has decided to implement this bowl using two different materials and two different color combinations: white interior allows, thanks to the contrast of colors and compositions with the outside, to make more evident the hygiene and the cleaning of the part of the container in contact with food, and also to mask the presence of any scratches from everyday use, therefore they will never be visible to the outside. The gradient effect also gives the bowl a touch of nature which makes it absolutely unique. Easy to clean in the dishwasher and conveniently stackable, small bowl also proves to be practical and functional as well as having a look and a design particularly pleasant.

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