Set of 4 ladles, silicone and acrylic, with colored base



Set of 4 ladles, silicone and acrylic, with colored base.


To have a clean and tidy kitchen always choose this handy set ladle of line Chef Omada.

Ladle handy practical and compact, complete with four ladles completely dishwasher safe. The service, made ​​of durable acrylic and silicone sturdy and comfortable and easy to handle, is perfect to be used every day in the kitchen, since that wastes little space, is easy to clean and all the big spoons are also resistant to high temperatures (220 ° C). The spatulas are equipped with scratch-resistant silicone cover that allow them to be carefully preserved over time and also prevent leaving any remaining gravy and sauces, making them ideal for use in cooking various preparations. The set, due to the presence of a superior grip, wide and comfortable, it is also easy to move from one part of your home, so besides using it in the kitchen, you can use it with ease even on the table. The base ladle, which is available in different shades, enriched with all the right amount of color.

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