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Meghan and Harry, just two of you!

The wedding of the year

Meghan and Harry finally get married!

Did you receive the invitation for the wedding of the year? No? …Neither did any of us.

However, like many millions of other people, we have followed every curiosity that transpired around Meghan and Harry, the man who looked like the daredevil of the royal family today has the appearance of a good guy who has fallen in love with a woman who has gone from American television serials to adoring crowds in his old dear England…

A fairytale marriage in its fullness, one of those that makes you daydream because of the splendour with which they are celebrated and because it concerns the Royal Family and their rules are not valid for any other common mortal … And then – needless to say – because every girl dreams of meeting and marrying her Prince Charming. A dream that continues to make your heart beat even when you become an adult.

But life and the months of spring are full of dreams, and the summer months to come are full of ceremonies, special occasions – such as weddings, confirmations, first communions – to be lived with a dreamy gaze. Who among us hasn’t scored any on the calendar?

If you have at least one on your list, (apart from the Meghan and Harry couple) then our suggestions this week are for you.

Because it is true that in Italy it is customary to celebrate at the restaurant or with a prestigious catering service, but the tradition of inviting relatives and close friends home for a toast before the ceremony still persists.

Now you decide what style to adopt!

Decide which style to adopt

Are you glamorous in everything you do and you like to surround yourself with chic items? You’ll love the products from our Diamond line.

The diamond-effect champagne flutes of the classic bubble waist belt will help you make a splendid impression on your guests, with whom you can also toast in the open air in complete tranquillity. In fact, these products retain all the charm of crystal but, being made of acrylic, they are so robust that at the end of the day you can put them into the dishwasher without fear.

The same line also includes glasses for water and wine as well as comfortable and elegant trays to bring everything you need in the garden or terrace. If you want to combine champagne or sparkling wine with a snack, the solution is a bowl completes the Diamond line.

If you’re a handy guy who doesn’t give up surrounding himself with design objects, then both the Trendy line and the Square line are perfect.

To sizzle, choose the starter: rectangular  with three separate compartments or oval. They are both colourful and will give personality to your table where you can bring your Samba glasses, unbreakable and scratch-resistant, ideal for children. For them, it is even better not to take risks with glass or crystal dishes. The Globo tray is a perfect match: round and with a white interior, it has an ergonomic edge that is easy to grasp and safe to handle.

Well, we hope we have provided you with some useful insights.


Have a wonderful weekend from Omada!


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