Lenten spaghetti… for “lean eating” with a great taste


After the Carnival and all its sweet temptations, it’s time for “lean eating”

It was usually said so when there was talk of food during Lent; that forty days period that begins with Ash Wednesday and arrives until Good Friday before Easter, which falls on the first of April this year.

Here’s how to keep the body light during the period of Lent

Nowadays a real Lenten fast is no longer practiced, but for those who love to keep their body light, there are delicious alternatives to meat.

You can go from dishes based on fish or vegetables (read our post on soup) to foods such as polenta. Typical dishes of this period include the big lean Piedmontese lasagne, pasta with sardines, scammaro omelette. Not to mention the so-called ‘Lenten’, those sweets which are prepared with different recipes depending on the region.

In today’s post, dedicated to “lean eating”, we want to propose a recipe signed by the legendary Pellegrino Artusi, the most famous Italian gastronomist and writer, author of the ever-present Science in cooking and the art of eating well.

Recipe 103: Lenten spaghetti

His recipe book contains as many as 700 dishes from the Italian culinary tradition and of the Romagna one in particular because Artusi was from Forlimpopoli. From his work, which has had an impressive spread and is still waiting to be read and put into practice today, we choose recipe No. 103, Lenten spaghetti.

As Artusi himself explains,

“Many reading this recipe will exclaim: – Oh what a ridiculous soup! – Yet I don’t mind; it is used in Romagna and, if you serve it to youngsters, you will be almost certain of their satisfaction. Pour some fresh walnuts into breadcrumbs, add the icing sugar and the smell of spices and remove the spaghetti from the water, season it with oil and pepper first, then with this pesto to a good extent. For 400 grams of spaghetti which may suffice for five people: 60 grams of shelled walnuts, 60 grams of breadcrumbs, 30 grams of white powdered sugar and one teaspoon full of fine spices”.

Pellegrino Artusi speaks of fine spices in another of his recipes, No. 790, which deals specifically with what he calls ‘good’: 2 nutmegs, 50 g of Ceylan cinnamon, 30 g of carnations pepper, 20 g of cloves, 20 g of sweet mandarins. Everything must be crushed in a mortar and stored in a can, as long as it is tightly closed.

A very simple preparation

As you can see, the preparation of Lenten spaghetti is quite simple and allows you to bring a light but very tasty dish to the table. In fact, the flavour is delicate and spicy at the same time and the powdered sugar, which may raise a few eyebrows, actually adds that extra touch that will win over the hearts of adults and, above all, children.

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Have a nice weekend from Omada!

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