It's not chocolate: it's Cracco’s Egg

It’s not chocolate: it’s Cracco’s Egg

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It is not sweet, it is not made of chocolate and it does not contain any surprises… Yet they say it is delicious, so why not try cooking during these weeks before Easter?

We are talking about the egg, or rather the crispy egg yolk by Carlo Cracco.

He is the most fascinating chef we have come to know on TV and the crispy egg is one of his dishes; it’s thanks to this dish that he has become a personality in the world of international catering.

The basic element of this recipe is a food that we all know, of which we are aware of the essential nutritional properties for our diet. Nevertheless, the egg is often mistreated, less considered and often taken for granted.

One of the merits of the proposal of chef Cracco was that, he was made the absolute protagonist of the dish.


The ingredients for 4 people

In fact, if you look at the ingredients for 4 people, in addition to 4 eggs, there is nothing more to add except 240 grams of breadcrumbs, sunflower oil and salt.

It is important that the eggs are beautiful and fresh! If you don’t like the idea of buying them industrial, take them loose from farms at zero kilometres and store them in the fridge in an egg-cup

What we propose is really trendy

To follow the procedure correctly, you need a bit of experience and patience. So the advice is to get to work only if you’re not having a very busy morning or you’ve got much free time in the afternoon.

Before starting, get yourself four plastic moulds or four plastic cups in which you can store a good amount of breadcrumbs so that the bottom is covered by a sufficiently abundant layer.


At work with Carlo Cracco’s egg

Wash the shells well before splitting them … It might seem a foregone conclusion to carefully clean the outside of the egg, but many people don’t pay enough attention to it. Now break the eggs taking care not to break the yolk. Gently pick it up with your hands, trying to pull away all the egg white, then place it on some breadcrumbs and cover with some more breadcrumbs.

Attention! The advice is not to use bread in a box in the preparation of this recipe because it may not adhere well to the yolk. Better keep aside the left over bread from the previous days, get a grater and a digital scale and… viola! Here are the breadcrumbs in the right amount.

Proceed in the same way for each of the four yolks. Then, after storing them with two layers of breadcrumbs, one above and one below, let them rest at room temperature for 3-4 hours. If you prefer, you can put them in the refrigerator: there you have to leave them for a little longer, even up to 5 hours. This operation allows you to make the yolk more resistant.

When the whole time has elapsed, place a pan with plenty of sunflower oil on the stove and bring it to a temperature of 155°C.

Now take the first egg yolk carefully according to the procedure described above, and place it on a skimmer, then immerse them in hot oil for 40 seconds or more. When the egg yolk turns brown and a uniform crust is formed all around it, remove it from the oil, place it on absorbent kitchen paper and let it cool.

.Respecting the time interval is essential so that the egg remains soft inside.

The final touch is to add a pinch of salt over it, depending on your personal taste.


Have a nice weekend from Omada!

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