Bring spring into the house even if it's still cold outside

Bring spring into the house even if it’s still cold outside

Self watering flower pot 12,5x18 cm

“Today I only want fragrant petals. Today I just want spring to caress me,” wrote a Greek poet translated by Salvatore Quasimodo.

Don’t we get a little bit of that feeling these days?

The long awaited spring lasted months, long winter months in which the sky was gray like the mood many of us do experience… And now? Only the date on the calendar of the season of the fragrant petals has arrived!

The weather that still rages inclement, puts our psychophysical balance under stress because – at any time of the year, but even more after winter – the human body requires vitamin D by its nature, of which the sun and its beneficial rays stimulate its production, to breathe deeply the fragrant air of nature that returns to bloom again, to stop wearing woollen clothes and hooded down jackets.

And if all this is still not possible because the sky is whimsical and the thermometer remains below 5°C?

For your well-being, bring spring into your home

If spring doesn’t come to you, bring spring to your home! A little great magic that you can easily accomplish thanks to our self-irrigating vases.

You can create an oasis of relaxation that you can give yourself by bringing this beautiful season into your home. Orchids, buttercups, pansies, tulips, daffodils and many other plant or flower that gives you a deep sense of well-being… You can plant them quietly in these vases and you can even forget to water them; they are equipped with a system that allows the plant to feed itself, which is why we called them ‘Oasis‘ and ‘Water‘ because they have room for a water reserve. We produce self-irrigating vases in different sizes and colours: pink, purple, red, yellow, green and orange. A wide choice of colours to combine with the furnishing elements of your home and be surrounded by spring… Even if it’s still freezing outside.

And since these days, yesterday to be precise, we celebrated the world day of water; we can say that we have gone ahead of time by creating products that take care of the environment, allowing you to use only water for plants required.
No waste.
If you then give yourself a few days of vacation – Easter is now coming! – use self-irrigating vases for your flowers as an ideal solution so you’ll find them still healthy when you return.

Before wishing you a good weekend and while waiting for spring, we dedicate these verses of Mirror by Salvatore Quasimodo to you… After all, just two days ago, March 21st, was also celebrated as the World Day of Poetry.


Mirror by Salvatore Quasimodo

“And here on the trunk

are broken gems:

a newer green than

grass that the heart rests:

the trunk seemed already dead,

folded at the bottom.

And everything knows of a miracle,

And it is that cloud of water

which today reflects its piece of sky

in the blue ditches,

that green that splits the rind

that even last night was not there.”


Have a nice weekend from Omada!

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