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Adamo and Omada: one big little company!

Who we are

Often and willingly we pause to read the success stories of the big companies, hoping in the end that it could happen to us one day. Or to read about a “Mr. Nobody” who is now hired by a large company. But really, is small really small? And big is it really big? It is the passion you put into things that make you a small or a big company, and we at Omada know how to do it!

Who or what is Adam S.R.L.?

Adamo S.R.L. is the brand that owns the Omada Design Quotidiano brand. After forty years of passion and experience for plastics, we have become a very established reality within the Marche region and beyond. In fact, with the recent landing on online sales channels, we are currently equipped with a global distribution, aimed at covering the European Union but also the rest of the world. All this is made possible thanks to a constant technological and stylistic research, which projects the company itself towards the continuous progress of the products and the satisfaction of the needs of any kind by the end customer.

Adamo S.R.L. has at its base the commitment and dedication of its close and trusted employees. Furthermore, it can count on an 8000 square meter facility located in the Marche region, near Castelfidardo, where all the production steps take place: from design to molding, from assembly to after-sales assistance.

Our commercial brand Omada® offers plastic housewares strongly characterized by color, attractive design and the use of innovative technologies such as the bi-material. In addition, we offer an infinite range of products, ranging from cutlery to bowls, from containers for the fridge to glasses, from glasses to trays. In a nutshell, everything you need to improve your home and make it aesthetically perfect!

Continuous attention to the customer, be it the large retailer or the individual consumer, allows us to establish relationships of trust first and then sales, demonstrating that the commitment we put into it and all that we are is enclosed in that product that he buying.

Yes, but what do you sell then?

We have created products thinking of the daily needs of those who love and live the house with dedication and attention. The production is entirely Made in Italy and the continuous stylistic research does not preclude functionality and practicality in the daily use of the products. Plastic is the basic material that is wisely combined with glass, ceramics and porcelain, thus succeeding in creating design collections of the highest level.

The products are suitable for contact with food and do not fear washing in the dishwasher.

Particular attention must be paid to antibacterial products since the Sanaliving line was born from the meeting of a multinational company that produces a special additive such as Microban and Omada. The latter is characterized by a unique plastic polymer which does not allow the bacteria present in the home water to settle on plates and glasses, thus risking to cause diseases. In addition, the products of this line possess all the best features of the articles: high mechanical strength, the possibility of going into the microwave, and many other pluses that make it beautiful and functional!

But does the comparison with small or big thing center?

Many companies do things quickly and in fury and never have time to fix things. On the contrary, we do everything calmly and we put the utmost care and attention into what we do. Because this is what led us to be where we are now and has improved us both as a company and as a person.

All this is Adamo and Omada®: plastic emotions for a daily Italian design.



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